Despard Tree from about 1630 in Ireland (Updated June 2018)

Around 660 people over 350 Despards now scattered throughout the world.
This tree based on personal research, Tierra del Fuego tree, Richard and David Despards tree and William Piggott Despard -
Michael Graves grandfather. Thanks Michael for all the help.
Plus information from the Despard books and with thanks to Paynton Despard Fireman.
I have started with Philip D'Espard as "legend" says he was the start of the line in Ireland.
But there is no clear evidence of any Despards in Ireland until about 1630 and even that is debatable.

Despard main tree Donore and Killaghy Castle branches plus worldwide


For a detailed look at the tree Despards Only Tree

There are more Despard trees that I have not managed to link (as yet) to my main "Despard Only Tree", that start in Ireland and then continue later to the US and Canada. Over 120 in this tree so far. Also available "paper written" tree including the Fleming side of this tree. Download the pdf

William Despard - Ellen Piercy and John Despard (Shoe maker) Updated 2nd July 2018

For more details of the tree Wiliam Despard Tree

Richard Despard born in about 1800 in Ireland.

Richard Despard had two sons John AND Thomas. There is some debate whether Richard is the father of John.
Over 140 people in this tree. Some are still living in Ireland.
His son John emigrated to the US.
There are also lots of the Garnish family included.

For more details of the tree Richard Despard Tree

My own personal tree, my Despard line stops around 1800 in Ireland.

But lots of Brackleys and Lasts.
The Gillis Irish side is continually expanding across the USA.

John Despard personal tree: John's tree

Of course there are variations of the spelling of the family name. There are Irish Desparts, sometimes this is because of the litteracy ability of either the family or the scribe inputing the information as thay heard it! Hence Despar - Despars - Despart - Despard.
Jean Baptiste Georges Despart emigrated from France (no actual evidence just family story) to the Quebec area around 1750. The name changes gradually to Despard. Although there is evidence of a Jeanne Michelle Despart marrying in 1760 Brittany France and also Victor Despart of Bordeaux on the 13th April 1794 being guillotined!

Quebec and Canada Despards

For more details of the tree Despart-Quebec

Still working on all Despards and trying to link as many as possible into one tree.
Updated 5th February 2018

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