William Despard & Ellen Piercy

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Top 30 largest localities (total places):

USA (60)
Ireland (43)
Connecticut (20)
United States of America (18)
England (14)
Australia (8)
MN (4)
United States (4)
Massachusetts (3)
Virginia (2)
Tipperary (2)
CT (2)
Vermont (2)
Lancashire (2)
New Hampshire (2)
British America (2)
Wales (1)
Shelburne Falls MA
Ferrybank Kilkenny
NH (1)
North Carolina (1)
Dublin Workhouse
Ireland? DOB Guess (1)
DOB Guess
Ireland ? DOB Guess (1)
DOB and name Guess
CO (1)
No evidence of mother
Davis Grant Hospital. Travis Air Force Base Fairfield California USA
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